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(Popularity Rate: 51 ) What were the weird things you did when extremely bored while serving in the military?

to Bosnia straight out of AIT and was wrenching on Blackhawks in-country just a few months after finishing training.
About 6 weeks after we arrived we made a trip outside the wire to a local gravel pit for Small Arms Practice. Shortly after finishing our first firing iteration and settling in for an MRE lunch we were overrun with Gypsy kids. Not to reinforce stereotypes but they are thieving little bastards and damn good at it.
In the commotion, my Kevlar helmet was stolen along with several other items from our gear pile because the PFC guarding it had gotten distracted.
We returned to base and I filed the paperwork for a field loss with my squad leader as I was supposed to, and forgot about it. A month or so later we had an equipment inventory and my Kevlar was missing.
Enter my Platoon Sergeant who was a self-centered space cadet and a first-rate scumbag.
He had forgotten to file my field loss paperwork and now had nothing to blame the missing equipment on. Rather than copping to his mistake he threw me under the bus and claimed I never informed him and must have “lost” my $1,000.00 helmet. My squad leader was pissed because he had personally given him my field loss paperwork.
As a result, I was given a summary grade article 15, forced to pay $1000.00 for a helmet, and given a month of guard duty. The latter would turn out to be a serious mistake on his part.
Deployment is usually hyper boring. I took all that bottled up boredom and made it my mission in life to get revenge on this guy for screwing me out of a thousand dollars.
I fucked with him in numerous ways, two of which are most worth retelling.
I may have gone slightly overboard.
I am an INFOSEC professional and was prior to entering the military. So I enlisted a friend with a set of 2-way radios and started to screw with him using NETSEND messaging. (This was early 2000 and rules were looser) He had a habit of viewing pornography on his government computer while eating donuts in his CONEX. I had my friend spy on him with some binocs and relay his behavior to me over the radio so I could contextualize my messages.
It would start something like:
“Warning viewing of pornography is against DoD policies and will be prosecuted if uncovered… Etc.”
My friend would relay “He just blew it off and grabbed another donut.”
Next message:
“Hey fatass, don’t blow me off, put down the donut, wipe the sugar off your uniform, and click out of Playboy. Don’t make me turn you in.”
It continued in this vein for several weeks until he was searching his CONEX for hidden cameras and calling base Ops to confess to his pornography viewing habits. He ended up being hospitalized in Germany for an anxiety attack due to concerns over him displaying symptoms of “paranoia”. Wayne Newton visited him, he made the base newspaper at Ramstein AFB.
However, I was still not satisfied as he screwed our entire platoon in a number of ways in the interim.
When I went to Hungary on pass I visited the nastiest sex shop I could find (way nastier than I expected, Hungarians are apparently very freaky) with a diabolical and well-fantasized plan hatched on my month of unearned guard duty. A mind tends to wander when staring at a pitch black tree line for 10+ hours. Unfortunately for him, he had given me a good reason for it to wander in a productive direction, his direction.
You see the base defense guys were special forces and had a sick sense of humor. I had also become good friends with most of them during my extra duty. As a result, I was able to enlist them in my revenge fantasy come to life, with their participation becoming somewhat enthusiastic as I laid out my plan. Sick senses of humor often find common cause in the Service.
While I was in that sex shop I purchased “Granny Tranny” (the actual title) magazine, a bottle of lidocaine infused lube, and a purple tinted clear double ended jelly dildo longer and girth(ier) than my arm. These items were properly secured in the bottom of my duffle which I knew would not be searched, because the searchers were in on it.
They did search my bag in private when we got back to base to make sure we followed the rules. No rules against dildos but it would have ruined the surprise if I got “caught” in public during a random bag check. There was a lot of praise for my choice of weapons.
I stored that shit in the BDOC locker until right before we redeployed back to the states. My time on guard duty was clench in the execution of my plan, my PSG had been the architect of his own demise. I knew the routine and so after everyone packed their shit and left it in their Barracks room for the detail to load I let myself into the PSGs room with a key sourced from a disgruntled roommate (my squad leader).
I proceeded to stash the half-full bottle of lube, magazine which I had splashed with water/lube to make it look well used, and rather scuffed double ended monster in one of his bags. (There may have been a dildo sword fight or three with it by bored BDOC staff on the night shift, one of which may or may not have involved the dildo->face version of a slap fight between two bored SF e-6’s, rendering one of them unconscious…)
I then misted the outside of his bags with chow hall gravy diluted in water to make sure the drug dogs alerted.
You see all our stuff was set out for us, an entire battalion worth, as we stood at parade rest in front of our departure aircraft while the base defense team ran dogs over our bags prior to loading the aircraft. Anything that was found resulted in the culprit being called out in front of the entire battalion while their shit was dumped all over the ground and searched.
When they got to the PSG’s bags the dogs alerted strongly as food (chow hall gravy) is not allowed. I swear Karma was in on the joke because he could not have played into it any better had it been rehearsed.
The first bag they dumped wasn’t the money shot, but unsurprisingly he had tried to skirt the rules on his own and had local coffee and crackers in his bag. He was high strung and talking rapidly in a nervous tone that they really didn’t need to go through his other bags because that was all he had.
He essentially jumped right in front of the oncoming phallus bus by acting for all the world like he was desperate for them not to search his other bags.
As one of my friends was explaining to him that it didn’t work like that my other friend piped up at the top of his lungs with a drill instructors voice:
“Holy fuck, Top, what the fuck is this?!?!”
Being in on the joke he made sure to dramatically whip the meter plus double ender out of his duffel and hold it over his head like he was unsheathing Excalibur from the stone.
It took a second for the battalion to realize what it was as it gyrated over my SF friends head, but when they did the result was a total battalion-wide loss of all military discipline. People were sitting on the ground because they were laughing so hard they couldn’t stand. When my battalion commander recovered he had an obvious pee stain on his BDUs and he was not alone.
To top it off my base defense friends were really getting into an improv comedy routine riffing on the best material they had after months of pranking each other with that dildo.
Timing it so as soon as people started to recover they would pull another item from the duffel and double down on the misery/hilarity.
“What the fuck Top, why does this lube have lidocaine?”
“Dude look at that monster dildo. You would need it.”
“What I want to know is why is it double ended? Who is your battle buddy Top?”
”GRANNY TRANNY? Seriously?!?! What the fuck?!?!”
*more vigorous retching*
“Eww, dude the fucking pages are stuck together.”
My platoon Sergeant was reduced to stuttering incoherently along the lines of “I swear I don’t know where that came from, it’s not mine.” has turned the color of a well cooked Maine lobster.
When we got back to the states he dropped his retirement package instead of the promotion he had talked about. Served him right, no NCO worth a shit throws their soldiers under the bus to cover their ass.
That’s what officers are for.
That prank became legend for a time in our unit.
I never copped to it and officially nobody “knew” who did it.
However, for as long as I remained at that unit, every time we had an inspection, someone managed to sneak a dildo in my duffel. I suspect that it was my squad leader who shook his head at me in a strange mix of hu

(Popularity Rate: 41 ) What is the best sex toy store in Kolkata?

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(Popularity Rate: 95 ) Where do I get sex toys for women in Guntur?

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(Popularity Rate: 41 ) Can you start a strip club with automated sex dolls? Is there a market for that?

onizing strip clubs that I can share with you to give you some insight here.
What makes it different from starting any other business? Well, for one, you are doing the bulk of your business in the off-hours. That is, it is not a 9-5 undertaking by any means. In most jurisdictions, it is legal to have a strip club open during the day, but the fact is you will be doing most of your business at night which affects a lot of things; the people you hire, your suppliers’ ability to deliver things if they only operate at certain times of the day, and – of course – the hours you keep as an owner.
You will also typically need an “adult entertainment” license, or whatever the local equivalent is for you. These, like alcohol service licenses, are not handed out freely. Most of the time, you will need to undergo a background check and an extensive screening process American Sex Dollto demonstrate that you can responsibly operate such a business as this. So this is not quite the same as just “opening a business”.
Additionally, in order to maintain your license, you (or your staff) need to be extremely diligent in enforcing the license terms. That usually includes, but is not limited to preventing at all costs the entrance of underage individuals, and ensuring that the dancers are only engaged in certain types of dancing/customer contact (that is, ensuring a lap dance won’t turn into a “happy ending).
Another way a strip club differs is getting people to work for you. It’s one thing to put out a job posting for a cashier, a pizza maker, or a painter… it’s another thing to put out a job posting for someone to take off their clothes on stage and dance naked for strangers. It breaches the comfort zones of many people – and those who are any good at doing this are usually already working at a strip club. So the recruitment can be a real challenge in itself.
Now, how are most transactions handled in strip clubs? They’re handled in cash. Most people don’t want “Quoran’s Strip Club” on their credit card statements. Aside from the fact that this gives you “off the books” income if you choose to do things that way, there is ample opportunity for theft, which means that your ability to monitor things as an owner is key.
You will also need top-notch security staff. Customers in strip clubs can get abusive; whether getting too drunk, pushing dancers too far, or outright abusing dancers (such as asking for sexual favors or demanding their phone number). If a fight starts and gets serious, you have two problems… legal liability if someone gets hurt, and a dancer who may not want to work for you anymore if you’ve not taken adequate measures to protect them.
Also, as many strippers want to be private about what they do (usually it’s because they don’t want it affecting their personal or professional lives) it is usually a policy in the interest of the dancers that absolutely no pictures are allowed. In other businesses, this isn’t a big deal (e.g. if someone wants to take a picture inside of a restaurant, they can do so). But in strip clubs, this can pose a major privacy issue for the dancers. Because of this, your security guards have to be on alert to watch to see if patrons are taking pictures of the dancers – and if they are, act accordingly. I’m not advising that you go about preventing pictures in any particular way, but I’ve been to one strip club where there was literally a collection of teeth that the security guys have knocked out of the mouths of guys who have gone and taken pictures. Needless to say, with the DJ’s constant announcement of that fact, nobody even had their phones out.

(Popularity Rate: 11 ) Is it normal that I still want to play with dolls mainly Monster High and watch Monster High? I’m 14, I wouldn’t tell my friends but I still love my dolls.

I think its normal i mean back it the day 14 year olds were still playing with barbies and watching cartoons. Im a 13 year old girl and somtimes ill get a barbie or to thats hiding in my closet and play with them. heck look at jojo siwa she still wears bows in her hair (even tho she is changing but still…and example) And i know these arent dolls you play with Teen Sex Dollbut i collect porcelain dolls and nesting dolls(if you dont know what they are look them up they are both really cool and beautifil)

(Popularity Rate: 91 ) Is Chucky (Child’s Play) a real doll? And which company made that doll for the movie?

irst Child’s Play movie featuring the doll character “Chucky” came out in 1988. (My Buddy (doll) – Wikipedia
Here is a photo of the real doll from 1985:
Here is a photo of Chucky, as the fictional “Good Guy” doll, before his appearance turns “evil.”:
One can see the general resemblance to the 1985 doll design. The real-life Hasbro/Playskool “My Buddy” doll was, like the movie doll line, designed as a playmate, with little boys as the intended target market.
In 2016, Mezco Toyz produced an officially licensed Chucky doll based on the movie character. Note that thi