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(Popularity: 49) Xenia (24 years)

University. I am Russian, born in St. Petersburg, a lively and cheerful doll. I never completely lost my Russian accent and quickly noticed that men thought sex dolls were really cool when I whispered dirty words in their ears. I love wearing exciting tights. I find short skirts and tops with low necklines to be very sexy, like a smoky makeup that can be beautiful during intense oral sex. I love to party and you can meet me in the VIP area of ​​the best clubs. Everyone turns to look at me, but I just want to be your real doll and satisfy your desires. As a slender TPE doll with a narrow waist, I’m perfect for riding you for hours. I’ve been a bit s**t, and being an adult doll has no limits. If you lick my hard nipples to get me in the mood, I’ll be ready and willing to give you any opening I have in no time. Chilled champagne, delicious cocktails, fast cars and fast, intense sex. I like good-looking and powerful men, especially generous men over the age of 40. At first, I might have been a little cool and rather dismissive. But if you show your gratitude to me with gifts big and small, I’ll melt and be as lovely as I am greedy. Because I am also a real doll, I just want to be held in your arms. ‘, “I’ll tell you my sex doll secret: I’m a doll lover and absolutely love it

(Popularity: 24) Eloise (28)

y as a solo”, ‘sex dollanymore; I want a partner by my side who loves me as his sex doll. It’s a rather unusual desire for a vampire and I have to live with my other loves Doll friends laugh at me.’, “But at some point, you just don’t want to be alone anymore, especially if you’re a vampire sex doll like me. Eternity can be long if there is no one to share. Maybe you understand this and want to share your alone time with a lovely person”, “Real dolls like me. “, “Of course, I don’t expect you to become a vampire yourself, unless you want me to bite you. Because with the transition comes a huge burden.i would love to tell you vibrating cumshots dildo My life, to hear what you think about it. We can go for a moonlight walk together or have a picnic on a secluded meadow in the evening. I’ll have a big basket of your favorite treats and we’ll eat them together and feed each other. ”, “Then, my hand will slide into your pants, and I will find that you have become more and more eager to insert my real doll. p***y. Then I’ll undress and you can do to me everything you’ve ever dreamed of. I will be your own sex doll. ‘, “Doesn’t it sound good for us both to be together? If you’re interested, feel free to

(Popularity: 16) Why do married people need sex toys?

A sex partner, you don’t need to do that, right? right? And sex toys are for masturbation, so if you have a sex partner, you don’t need it, right? Let’s deconstruct it. First, masturbation is not a substitute for sex. Married people masturbate. Masturbation in multiple polyamory relationships with multiple sexual partners. Single people masturbate. Masturbation has nothing to do with marriage. Second, people use sex toys…in sex. They’re not just for masturbation!In fact, many categories of sex toys are specifically designed for use with lovers

(Popularity: 19) Do you have sex toys at home?

eir breasts or sensual clitoral, vaginal and anal vibrating cumshots dildo Also had a good experience using Adultscare products and equipment with their peers. Round, full, larger breasts are the central attraction of every man in the world.Gentle and comfortable suction close to t

(Popularity: 86) How many kinds of sex toys are there?

Location, shape, size and material: stone, plastic, rubber, silicone, wood, metal. You have inflatable dildo, locked dildo, dildo attached to seat belt, single dildo, double dildo, etc. You have vibrators. So many completely different types of vibrators: internal, external, and both. You have a hundred different plugs, some anal, some oral, some vaginal, in all different shapes and materials. You have constraints: ropes, cuffs, chains, shackles, cages, pillory, hanging frames, toddler skirts, corsets, cuffs, straps and huge breast sex dolls and more. You have a whole universe of stuff that spews and sucks and expands. You have medical toys: enemas, speculum, locking forceps, stirrups, examination tables, sounds, and more. You have sense-making toys (everything from vampire gloves to feathers) and sense-depriving toys (eye masks, hoods, earplugs, etc.). You have human doll suits, zentai suits, cat suits, and a lot more uniforms and cosplay that you can’t shake. You have hundreds of impact toys, from old-fashioned paddles, canes and crops to whips, ropes, rulers and carbon fiber villains. You have electric toys, chastity toys, clips, clips, and fucking machines. You have furniture that makes carpenters cry: benches, crosses, butterfly chairs, and queen stools. You have sex dolls, novelty explosions, and $30,000 robotics. You have masturbation sleeves, robotic blowjob machines, penis pumps, and artificial tongues (seriously!). You have Ben-Wa balls, cock rings and clitoral ticklers. You have penis plugs, parachute ball stretchers and cupping sets. You’ve got a whole bunch of toys to poke: a pin-up bra, Cali’s teeth, and collars of all kinds. Speaking of which, you have about seven hundred kinds of co

(Popularity: 77) How does the teacher feel when the students accidentally call them Mom/Dad?

or. Students in my class often visit my daughter at my house on weekends. I know their parents, both friends and professionals. Usually my students would call me “mom” and we would laugh about it. It’s interesting. Even now that my daughter is in 9th grade, I still hear her friends laugh at me when they call me “mommy” after I bring trays of snacks into her room for them to share. My kids also often call their teacher “Mom” and the kids of other teachers call me “Mom” too. When you teach at the school your child attends, everything can get pretty messy. When I taught middle school, I found it funny that some struggling students accidentally called me “mom”. They usually look shocked and embarrassed because they usually try to look cool at that age. Calling your teacher “mom” completely shatters any surface of tough guy street cred you’re trying to build your reputation on. I usually say something vaguely humorous to distract from the situation, like “Sure, if it means you’ve done your job, I can fake it.” This usually means the situation ends with a giggle and no emotional hurt . But on a deeper level, I feel honored that these students, often from chaotic lives, see me as an anchor of stability. Even if a student comes from a loving family, when they call you “mom,” it shows that they trust you and get along with you. When you develop this relationship with your students, you are in a prime position to maximize your learning opportunities. I teach grade 12 now and once had an 18 year old who called me “mom”. We just laughed it off. I told him I was a terrible parent and he could have done better, which made the class laugh. To me, this shows how vulnerable and trusting even our oldest students are in us, and how important it is to me to respect that trust and be the best teacher I could be. I really wonder what their parents would think if they knew I was given the halo title of “mom”. Will they feel betrayed? Will I be considered a “competitor”? Could it unearth buried parental inadequacies, or perhaps spark memories of past betrayals? This innocent misnomer has the potential to open many wounds. I usually keep quiet about this, and if the students want to reveal it, I leave it to them. I’ve had parents joke with me that their kids call me mom, but for some it can be a traumatic event. As a teacher, I have as much relationship with my parents as I do with my students. Parents often need more support than students on certain challenging issues. If the students want to make it public, that’s fine, but I’d rather be a source of reconciliation than how do i feel